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It’s A Wonderful Life adapted by James Rodgers

Vertical Axis

Plot (Logic & Suspense)

The logic portrayed in the play is coherent with the play’s central themes. The play provides a series of events, which leads the characters into some kind of full action. For instance, George Bailey is depicted as suicidal and the reader expects him to commit actions that are likely to lead him into danger. It is for this purpose that he is prayed for and the prayers reach heaven. A second-class angel is then assigned to save George in order to earn angel wings. At this point, the audience is set to believe that despite the hardships, George is likely to go through, an angel will come and help him. The skepticism and assertions of the audience is fulfilled when George is about to commit suicide when an angel (Clarence) appears to be drowning. George is forced to save the angel only for him to realize that Clarence is his guardian angel. The audience is able to realize the logic, that for an angel to gain a reward such as wings he must do well to the mortals. The suspense in the play is that the audience is not sure whether George Bailey was arrested by the police or not. The audience in the play is also left unaware of how George dealt with his past including his relationships.


The author of the play has selected very simple phrases and words. This is aimed at ensuring that the audience comprehends what the characters are saying. The director of the play has focused majorly on American English. The speed at which the characters utter the words is quite moderate, thus making it easy for the audience to comprehend every word that is said. The choice of words is also aimed at creating stylistic significance. The use of words along with structured sentences are aimed at creating humor. This stylistic device is well explained on Writemyessayonline blog.


 The playwright main intention was to show how life can be wonderful. It can therefore be argued that the main theme of the play is life. The play revolves around the saga of Bailey. Every person in the town of Bedford whose hopes and dreams have been carried away by civic duty and family obligation and whose guardian angel must descent during the Christmas eve to save him. The guardian angel must come and remind him of how the world would look like without him. The aim of the angel is to show him how life can be wonderful. The playwright has managed to demonstrate the importance of life by narrating the life of Bailey prior to the angel’s salvation. This has been done to demonstrate the need for people to appreciate life. The presence of the angel in the play is also aimed at showing that there is hope after death and those who do good will be finally rewarded by God.


The play has major characters and minor characters. The major characters have been used throughout the story to help develop the central themes. Other characters have been used in the play to emphasize and support the main themes along with the major characters.


 The playwright has used a melodic and beautiful score to the play. The songs help in capturing the original period and the spirit of the play. The selection of the music help in providing a variety of heartwarming and delightful melodies that can be easily regulated by the main characters along with the untrained voices. The songs have been perfectly woven into some sort of fabric not only to set the atmosphere and mood, but also to delineate characters and build on certain themes. There are solos duets and full chorus to help emphasize on the characters and central themes. The playwright has used a total of 22 songs in the play.


 The stage has been maintained to a minimum, thus requiring only a simple unit made up of few lighting effects, costumes, and props. The costumes used are conservative and a characteristic of the 19th Century. The costumes can be described as descent and relevant for the particular plot.

 Horizontal Axis

 Pre Play

 The setting of the play prior to the beginning of the play created an atmosphere that is likely to draw the audience into listening and participating in the play. The main theme of the play “It’s a wonderful life” is very lively and the audience is willing to take part in the play.


The major conflict in the play is between George and his family, together with his inner self. George is unable to withstand the challenges that the life presents. This leads him into a decision that is likely to make him commit murder. The climax of the play is when, he is about to commit murder only for the angel to come to his rescue.

 Post play

 The play had many lessons that I learnt. I realized the need to appreciate life despite the challenges that people undergo. Challenges are part of life and should not be allowed to control human life. It was also evident that life is very important and it should never be taken for granted. Good relationships within the family and the society are also crucial in one’s life.