Detailed information about MyBestEssays company in this fresh review! is a writing service that has been around for a short period. Nevertheless, the company offers several writing services such as term papers, blog posts, press releases, resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters, essays, and scholarship essays. Lets discover quality of its services in this review of MyBestEssays!

Discounts and Offers

The company has good samples, and their blog posts are resourceful. claims that all its writers have degrees and extensive experience in different fields. 

In terms of prices, they start from $12.99 per page for a piece that is at a high school level and get to $47.99 per page for a doctoral-level piece with a short deadline (or so they claim). 

Looking at their reviews, they were all well rated. So, as I student, I thought I will receive quality work if I hired them. Moreover, looking at their website, I realized that there was a promo code that came with a discount of 15%. There was also an offer for making orders consecutively. It was ranging from 5-15%. 

Also, the site indicated that there are all-year discounts and special offers that were in line with the coupon codes. I was already excited about hiring the company. I had no issues with the payment because everything was secure. 

On their site, I also noted that the My Best Essays offers several free pages to its clients. For example, I could get a table of content, free bibliography, and title. The testimonials of past clients recommended the company for swift communication while working on the essay. 

Great Communication 

With all the above details, I was ready to hire the My Best Essays. Because I had no fear working with them, I gave them an 18-page essay to do for me. I did not doubt that the content would be original, free of plagiarism issues and grammatical errors. 

Well, just as other customers mentioned, the agents maintained the communication from the start of my project to the end. On the day had promised to deliver my content, I received a live chat message alerting me that my content was all done. It was such a nice feeling. 

Not So Good Services

With all the customer reviews, I knew the essay would be great. However, I’m not sure what happened to my writer, but I can say for sure that my essay was not as qualitative as I expected. It was not something I would confidently go and submit to my lecturer at the school. 

The research was very shallow, yet they claim that their writers have degrees in the very same area as the subject of my essay. I instantly contacted the customer support, but they were not willing to assist me in solving this predicament. said that the paper had been done optimally by well-versed writers. 

No Revisions 

So, there was no way I could not argue with them. It was time to look for another writing company to do the same essay again. It was painful and heartbreaking because I could not get back my money. 

It was a little confusing because the feedback given by other clients was all positive. How could it be that only my essay had an issue? However, I took the courage to write this review because I still don’t understand why only my content had problems. 

I will give an average rating because I was frustrated despite seeing a lot of “goodies” on I will not discourage anyone from hiring this company, but I want to firmly say that my essay was not something I can boast about to anyone. 

What Is the Best Plagiarism Checker?

plagiarism checker

What Is the Best Plagiarism Checker?

Students are always searching the Internet for the best plagiarism checker. This is to help them eliminate any possible traces of plagiarism that their essays may contain. Many students don’t have the money to spend on plagiarism checkers. That’s why they will look for a free plagiarism checker for college students and hope to get decent results.

What Is the Difference Between Paid and Free Software?

Usually, the best anti-plagiarism software comes with a monthly fee. That cost can be quite high, especially when you take into consideration the fact that students don’t use the program on a daily basis. Moreover, some high-end anti-plagiarism programs don’t use a monthly fee at all and rely only on one-year contracts. Those are expensive and have a powerful search engine and are mostly used by Universities that have the necessary funds for this kind of purchase.

The accuracy of some paid anti-plagiarism applications isn’t something to be joked about. The speed and the libraries that they have at their disposal are staggering, hence the price you have to pay to use them.

Now, on the other hand, you have the free plagiarism software. You can easily find a multitude of sites that offer this kind of service free of charge. Obviously, the major advantage of this sort of plagiarism checker is the fact that it costs zero dollars, but what is its disadvantage?

It may take a while to scan your essay, it has a limited library, and it may not be that accurate. However, if it’s free, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad.  Still, it’s better to use a couple of them to increase your chances of avoiding plagiarism.

  • But the question still stands, what is the difference between paid and free software apart from the library and speed?

The primary difference is that a paid plagiarism checker will discover if you plagiarized a sentence by using synonyms and rephrasing. We all know that when a student copies a sentence or a phrase from a random source, he will edit it a lot to hide the fact that it was plagiarized. The process of editing involves replacing the original words with their synonyms and changing the word order in the sentence. This way, the phrase will look different, while still presenting the same information. It can also fool some readers into thinking that the sentence offers different information compared to the original.

Paid anti-plagiarism software can analyze such a situation and alert you, but this can happen when a light edit is applied. On massive edits, the program can be fooled, but in those situations, we have to ask if the edited sentence is still considered plagiarized.

Some professors think that once a sentence is heavily edited, it will no longer resemble the source. As a result, it cannot be called a plagiarized sentence.

Others believe that it doesn’t matter if a sentence is edited. It is still considered plagiarized, especially if it delivers the same idea/piece of information.

You can use many sites that offer a free student plagiarism checker for essays and light academic paperwork. You just have to do some research to find them.

However, if we’re talking about dissertations and large academic works, it is best to use paid plagiarism software. If you can’t afford to buy one, you can ask your supervisor to scan it for you because he probably has access to the university’s program. You can also use paid essay writing services to check your essay, but you can’t be sure that they use a quality plagiarism scanner.

How Not to Be a Victim of Scammers? Just Avoid This Writing Websites!

It’s no secret that active college students often use freelance writing organizations to assist reach their academic objectives. What nobody wishes to go over is the frequency at which quite a few are fooled by organizations that are a fraud or scam. Then there are the days when organizations just simply don’t supply fine items and services regularly or their costs are purely way too high.

We assume one vital task that we execute is determine the least beneficial freelance writing companies so that our target audience is aware of who to keep away from these types of firms. We look over feedback, read through reports, and research organizations thoroughly. We go ahead of looking at discounts and discount codes. We desire to confirm that you steer clear of poor rating companies that can scam you, or more serious trigger an accusation of school lying. Right after is our evaluation of each one of these 5 most undesirable penning organizations.

  1. WritingElites

This content material service delivers us the chance to alert students towards making use of article writing firms that are ridiculously low cost, as stated in various reviews of WritingElites. It supplies university stage essays and study papers for lower than ten dollars per page. There is basically no method that a organization is giving high quality writing features at those pricing. As we assumed, our investigation highlighted that documents are commonly sent overdue. When they are acquired, college students complain of extremely poor composing, and a number of mistakes with citations.


  1. EssayPro

Just about any competent article writing organization would certainly state to be situated in English speaking region. On most occasions that merely isn’t valid. Rather, organizations will rent a mail or just falsify a street address. And then, they’ll convince students that their copywriters are pretty much all native English speakers with university qualifications.

This is the tactic that this written content website makes use of. Unfortunately, when learners make a purchase here, they don’t get the quality of tasks they assume. Rather, they get a poorly written report from an author who is neither degreed nor a native English speaker. And that is reflects in feedback on EssayPro.


  1. EssayShark

The good thing here is that we cannot consider lots of learners making an order with this company. The whole thing is purely unsuitable from starting to finish. Firstly, the composing on the web page is pretty much unachievable to understand. Clicking the web page link to put a request takes you to an alternative writing organization web site entirely. Added to that, the pages download slowly and the webpage is not smartphone friendly. This one just raises all types of red flags and throws the ratings of EssayShark at the very bottom.


  1. Bid4Papers

In cases like this, the freelance writing was really good though not marvelous. Client help wasn’t bad either. The problem here was straightforward. The prices were too much and ratings of Bid4Paperswere to low. Not just a bit great, the highest we have encountered. On top of that, there were no supplies of a promo code or many other sales. A whole lot worse, there was nothing particularly stellar that might make these prices even close to being realistic.


  1. BestCustomWriting

The closing offering in this article just scores feedback on BestCustomWriting in all areas. University students ranked penning grade as average at finest, and generally absolutely unpleasant. Papers are regularly transferred past due. Customer feedback aid is less than professional and unhelpful. On the whole, this is simply one to pass on.



Whilst there are lots of good copywriting services, a large number of just don’t make the level. These five especially are extremely dangerous. We highly propose avoiding them completely.

My Personal Top 3 of Paper Writing Companies You Should Check Out

Customer feedback normally give full attention to copywriting standard, price ranges, and lower price rates, in relation to educational penning offerings. That makes sense as university students definitely want to guarantee that they will get documents that will have higher scores. What many usually do not discover is that there is a genuine connection between an awesome site practical experience, and awesome reports and client care.

The firms that obtain the ideal past customer testimonials often have sites that display good attention to specifics. These web pages are uncomplicated to browse through, and are full of exciting and helpful content material. We’ve as well identified that internet sites that are a fraud or scam are normally negatively created.

Underneath we have named the 3 finest college writing companies. As a way to have a higher score, they must match the most of the subsequent requirements:

– Very good Use of Visible Components

– Live Internet based Client Care That Isn’t Invasive

– Internet pages That Load Quickly

– Blog Posts And Other Written content

– Easy to Identify And Go through Policy Pages

– Links That Work Accurately


Make an effort to assess these 3 services. We believe that every one of them are truly worth consideration.


  1. Same Day Essay

Probably the greatest methods of identify the grade of a website is to basically gauge how swiftly one can get things accomplished. And that’s why ratings of SameDayEssay are pretty high. According learners coupled with our own assessment, it’s very easy to rapidly set an arrange, send a question to client support, and discover info on the latest coupon code or exceptional supply. This is a great, quickly loading, and effortless to find their way internet page for learners who actually need to get things accomplished.

  1. TrustMyPaper

A picture is worth 1000 words. This school articles organization has demonstrated that in spades. This writing company has generated capable use of videos, infographics, and pics to share suitable data to college students, who appreciated such methods pretty high in their feedback on TrustMyPaper. The result is both aesthetically interesting and educational.

  1. PaperMasters

By and large, college students are always joined on account of their use of mobile devices. They desire websites that are both phone favorable and effortless to get through. Luckily for us, this webpage goes above and beyond to provide that. No matter whether a learner really wants to place an arrange via phone, look for a coupon code, or send out a phone message to their author, they can do that here without trouble, as stated in past customers’ testimonials on PaperMasters.



All three written content organizations outlined here accomplished a great job at developing webpages that offer excellent user experience.

Review of PaperWritings: How it can aid its clients with the college composing?

Internet writing websites are so vary that for just about every dependable company to be spotted, there is a huge selection of others that can demonstrate to be an entire waste of cash. Whenever they are fraud or scam, offer below average copywriting standard or purely fail in the consumer help corner, it’s troublesome for learners to understand what they are entering into.

We make sure to grant nice guidance in that aspect. Our know-how about the market warranties the best-informed view you can find. When you are performing an assessment for an organization, we recognize specifically where it appears in comparison to the opponents, what benefits it gives and, inevitably, whether it is a decision worthwhile considering for college students.

At present we will present you our rating of PaperWritings.


The site isn’t fairly pleasing to browse through, neither is it packed with content material. On the subject of the visual element, its background causes the text tough to go through quite often. Content-wise, we immediately observed the shortage of opinions and free samples. One of the elements that worried us by far the most was the site’s blog page: we detected a number of bad composing errors in their web content (especially their title), causing us to think about what the organization’s standard handle methodology was. This sort of crystal clear penning flaws can merely harm the picture that a website attempts to produce.

Article writing Standard

We purchased a research paper with an available theme, as a way to generate circumstances comparable to what a typical university student would request. Connection with the copy writer was awful, needing maximum calm prior to getting any responses.

Penning standard was certainly missing, rapidly telling us that the blog was a legitimate root of trouble. The article had many errors together with the equivalent lines: inappropriate grammar, awful vocabulary, and unacceptable sentence structure, and many others. Reliable advice, this is highly far away from the article writing grade that you could display at a graduate grade. Looking through buyer comments from other webpages, we recognized corresponding grievances.

User support and staff members

The 24/7 consumer support promoted on PaperWritings became a message service that would commonly point out the demands have been mentioned and someone would get back to you in a day. Of course, that is below the speed desired when reading through the firm’s promises.


Pricing are just displayed after you choose the methods of the kind of article that you’ll require. What we can say is that the rates were too big for the industry, greater than 2x of what the regular range operates for.

Discount rates

We had no promo code as new clients, and we assume there aren’t any periodic coupon codes both. There are price reductions (5%-20%) based on the expense of the order, nonetheless.

In summary

PaperWritings doesn’t even nearly close to a thing that may be used at a graduate grade. Writing such awful papers could hardly be rationalized even at high school grade. When we integrate the crazy pricing and poor user aid, we can merely suggest you to prevent yourself from this firm. Our rating is 1 out of 5 stars.